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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  March 28, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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alarm about minuscule amounts of radioactive material being detected in the baltimore area as a result of radiation seeping from nuclear reactors in japan. because two nuclear facilities are located near maryland, the state routinely tests for radioactive material. >> the levels they have detected is -- are very small. it is coming from japan, not any facilities here. it is much smaller than what was detected in california and in california, people looked at it and said it did not pose any risk. it is even smaller year. it neglects the maryland department a mental health and hygiene -- the maryland department of health and hygiene secretary said they also tested drinking water, milk, and rainwater. the rain water tests and did fine radioactive iodine. -- did find it radioactive iodine. >> but we did not find any radioactive material in the
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region water systems or in milk. >> how could something that happened so far away impact as here in baltimore? >> steam that is produced in japan goes into the clouds and becomes part of the clout makes that comes across the pacific and is just like all of the other water that is part of the hydro geologic cycle of water across the planet. >> health officials said the radioactive iodine loses half of its regular activity every eight days. they said they continue to monitor the situation and there is no cause for alarm. >> lisa, thank you. ironically, the new radiation concerned, the 32nd anniversary of this nation's worst nuclear accident at three mile island. jayne miller blogs about her time covering debt crisis. you can get -- covering that crisis. you can get more information by going to our website.
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>> a guilty plea tonight from the 20-year-old who said her boyfriend house on fire in a jealous rage. britney garcia's reckless is put a baltimore city firefighter in the hospital. -- recklessness put a baltimore city firefighter in the hospital. >> earlier, one judge rejected a plea deal, but late this afternoon, britney garcia pleaded guilty to arson of in front of another judge and she could get up to 15 years in prison. >> it did not take baltimore city firefighters a long time to determine the blaze at an apartment complex on liberty heights avenue was set deliberately. police arrested britney garcia, accusing the then 19-year-old of torching the place in april 2010 while in a jealous rage. >> i feel really bad about the whole situation, but my daughter is not an arsonist. >> several people were injured, including firefighter jeff novak, and 87-year-old lucille
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ziegler. they were in court monday after the judge said she could not agree to a plea agreement that would have given her up to 12 -- 12 years in prison. >> i thought we had an agreed upon plea and the judge is a terrific judge. there was a lot of time in negotiating this plea and i was surprised, i was. >> court records show that garcia became enraged after finding out that her child's father was in the apartment with another woman. while leaving the scene she declared, "there is a fire in your house now." >> you have a fireman who suffered a egregious injuries. you have an elderly person who was a victim. it is just a very sensitive case. you have a defendant with a better person. who was under the spell of the alleged victim in this case, if you will. there's a lot more to this case than a simple burning. >> britney is a loving,
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beautiful girl. she is not an arsonist. everyone knows this was an accident, a relationship that got out of control due to an abusive relationship. she was a battered woman. >> the case before the court is whether garcia is responsible in the arson-caused a fire fighter to suffer broken bones and burns. dollar -- lucille ziegler was found unconscious and lost everything. she said she still feels the pain of everything. >> i have not done nothing to nobody. if it was not for him, god bless him, i would not be here today. >> one of the alleged victims, 22-year-old shawn johnson is being held without bail. he is the father of the child. he is accused of threatening
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garcia, the defense attorney, and a prosecutor. -- and the prosecutor. >> barry, thank you. a 17-year-old boy is dead and another injured after a shooting in northeast baltimore around 8:00 p.m. last night in the 3200 block of amalie avenue. -- emily ave. >> police have identified the victim as 17-year-old steven osby. the case is still early in the investigation, but police hope that someone will come forward with more information. >> these balloons and stepped animals marks the spot where two teenage boys were shot sunday night just after a 30 p.m. in the 3200 block of emily avenue. >> the investigation shows the two victims were sitting in a vehicle when they were fired upon by the suspects. >> steven haut will speak was taken to hospital where he later died the other victim is still
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labelled in -- is still in stable condition. >> i would not classify it as a drive by just yet. >> we have some ground to cover. until last night that carl palmer reached out to the head of homicide and it is returning to encourage some intelligence sharing. >> his neighbor did not want to show her face, but said she was familiar with the two victims. >> they have been nice to me and i've had no problem with that whatsoever. >> this is crazy. bullets don't got a name on them. i might get shot. >> city police are still investigating how many suspects may have been involved or what the motive may have been. in the meantime, they plan to step up their neighborhood presence. >> we will be stepping up patrols as we do with any shooting, and utilizing plainclothes deployment. >> if you have information that could help police, called metro crimestoppers.
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-- call metra crimestoppers. >> it has been three months since the disappearance of 17- year-old phylicia barnes and investigators say they are still struggling for answers. baltimore police had interviewed about 25 people lack access to the teenager walsh with visiting her half sister over the holidays. -- while she was visiting her half sisters over the holidays. but no one stands out. her ex-boyfriend is the last person to have seen her alive so far, but he is not a suspect. >> in this case, a missing person, what does he have to hide, to hold back? it seems that he is likely the key. >> baltimore police are still working with the fbi to find barnes. if you have any information on the honor students disappearance, you're asked to call crimestoppers or you can tax the letters "mcs" followed by your message to "crimes."
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there is an award and you can remain anonymous. but tonight, president obama will address the nation on the rising concerns -- >> tonight, president obama will address the nation on the rising concerns over libya. steve handelsman has the very latest on the speech and also, the military action. >> president obama today on univision, a spanish-language tv, previewed what he will promise the nation about libya. >> our involvement there is going to be limited, both in time and scope. >> that looks more likely today. libyan rebels are advancing and civilians are safer. it is a dramatic turnaround because of the u.s. and our allies. muammar gaddafi's heavy weapons are being destroyed by coalition pilots. and the air tactic that was run by the u.s. will be commanded by nato.
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but many in congress warned president obama not to send u.s. ground troops to depose gaddafi, who said this today. >> yes, we want him out. no, we do not want to do it at the enormous costs of a million -- a military invasion. >> what is our mission in libya? what is at stake there? why are we in the third engagement in the middle east? >> lawmakers wanted a role in the advance -- in advance of the air war. >> this was not in our interest -- i want to know why we were not advised because this was not in our interest before we committed forces to the air war. >> i do not think it is vital for the u.s., but we clearly have interests there and it is part of a region that is of vital interest for the u.s. >> the region is in chaos with uprisings in syria, egypt, and the georgijordan
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offensive in libya has already cost about $1 billion. >> at the white house, i'm steve handelsman, wbal tv 11 news. >> be sure to stay with wbal tv on the air and on line. the president's address is set for 7:30 p.m. and we will carry it live here on channel 11 and on our com -- on our website at more than 100 people were killed at it last at an explosives facility. the tragedy is rooted in yemen's deteriorating security, which has come under unprecedented anti-government protests that threaten to topple the country's dictator of 32 years. >> still had tonight, clothing store abercrombie and fetch perhaps going too far.
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they added patted topsham for pre-teen girls. -- pat it hops for pre-teen girls. and could baby aspirin lowers the risk for certain types of cancer? learn about one of the most avoidable forms of the disease. >> going back to school to learn how to change a key education law. that story new at 5:30 p.m. >> no polish festival at patterson park this year. that story, coming up. >> all of this cold air is >> all of this cold air is setting the stage for [ horns honking ]
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get the power and speed of america's largest 100% fiber optic network. verizon fios. a network ahead. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. >> struggling artists in baltimore now have an affordable workspace thanks to city funds. the city it remodeled a vacant house and is expected to provide a safe and affordable place for artists to cultivate their activity. stephanie rawlings-blake showed her support for the event. >> in tonight's medical alert, the leukemia and lymphoma society is hoping a new $75,000 grant will help expand services to patients.
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blue cross donated the grant, which will be used to help market their services. officials say knowledge is half the battle. >> learning about it at a time is something that is critically important. that is why we believe that knowledge is power. >> the new program is expected to support about 250 blood case -- blood cancer patients and their families. >> full body airport scanners do not, i repeat, do not pose a significant radiation risk. researchers found that for 750 million flights taken by passengers, only six cases could be linked to airport scanners. the passenger would have to go through the scanners 50 * to match the radiation exposure from one dental x-ray. there are nearly 500 scanners at airports across the airport right now. tsa plans to install another
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1000 of them by the end of the year. colon cancer is one of the most avoidable cantors and if we would all have colonoscopy is when we're supposed to, that would help. -- one of the avoidable cancers and if we would all have when we ares supposed to, that would certainly help. another benefit could be baby aspirin. fromry jo's mother died colon cancer. she did not have heard first colonoscopy and toshiba's 5 partly because she did not realize -- until she was 51, partly because she did not realize it was a higher risk for her. >a colonoscopy is still the single best way to avoid getting colon cancer because polyps can be found and removed. but in a large 20-year study it was found aspirin can also be a tool. >> there were over 14,000
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patients in this study and they showed that on a baby aspirin, you could reduce your risk of the cancer of the: by up to 30%. that was much higher than what was reported previously. >> dr. hiatt says the information also does something else. >> it empowers the patient. it gives them an active role in their process and it makes it more likely that they are going to follow up with you at their next scheduled colonoscopy, whether it be three or five years, depending on various street. >> mary jo has a follow-up colonoscopy is june. it will be her third. >> i was very nervous the first time because i did not know what they would find. it came back clear and then they bumped me up to five. this is my fifth year. >> the study, which was in the british journal, also found that a baby aspirin was just as
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effective as a full strength aspirin at preventing colon cancer. for all of the of racing, go to and click on "medical alert." >> and now, your 11 insta- weather plus forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. -- john cullins. >> springtime in march often provides different types of results and this type of -- time of year, we cannot seem to shake these winter temperatures. we have been running about 10 degrees below average for the past few days. here you see on the satellite a bit of a disturbance passing through the south. that is still pushing out of the area and we have had sunshine this afternoon. you see that being pushed out? that is that cold air coming in and the reinforcement of the cold air. it should stay sunny tomorrow before the next storms come in. how cold is it?
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47 at b.w.i. marshall, 48 at the inner harbor. downtown at the science center, annapolis and easton had 45. hagerstown, 45. only in the 30's of in western maryland. the typical high this time of year is 57, way off the market here as far as temperatures are concerned. that disturbance is being pushed off shore. there is a big pile of cold air here, too. high pressure is reaching from the carolinas all the way across the great lakes into canada. they bumped into this high- pressure and they have to go around somehow. we have missed out on some rate -- major rainfall, but here is this cold air. these storms keep coming in off the pacific ocean, each one bringing with it a chance of rain. here is our end of the week.
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look at these temperatures. the whole northern half of the nation is blue with temperatures in the 30's and 40's. it is only 50 in atlanta and only 77 in new orleans. this köhler has pushed way to the south. for tonight, clear skies, unseasonably cold, 23-29 for the overnight low. northwest winds at 10 miles per hour. a lot of sunshine tomorrow, but unseasonably chilly. northwest winds at 10 to 15 miles per hour. the drive will continue through tuesday, but by tuesday evening, some clouds and the next storm will come in. temperatures wednesday just in the 40's. we do see areas of snow wednesday night into thursday just off of -- outside of baltimore. we do have to include a chance that some snow could be mixed
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in, especially overnight into the air early morning hours. they will primarily be rainmakers. 50 tomorrow. 45 and a dreary day on wednesday. most of the precipitation will be rain, probably starting about noon. thursday, rain -- it will probably be dry, but rain chances come in again on friday. queries -- clearing skies and blustery next weekend. >> still had, why baltimores polish festival is off the list of activities for this year. >> and wait until you hear the plea deal on the table for country music star willie nelson. >> the supreme court will soon be taking on the biggest job discrimination case in history. i am a christian doctrine with the latest from washington for you, coming up. [ computerized voice ] do you take this woman
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to be your lawfully wedded wife?
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>> this week, the u.s. supreme court is taking on the largest job description in history -- in u.s. history. >> as kristen bilgrien shows us,
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the court will not decide the merits of the case, but rather, if it is impossible to defend. >> the plaintiffs are like khristine, who says she once worked as a supervisor at wal- mart and sam's club and was told what she needed to do to get promoted. >> i was told i needed to blow the cobwebs off my makeup and suit up. >> as millett -- as many as 1.5 million complaints. on tuesday, the court will argue whether so many plaintiffs makes it difficult for wal-mart to fight. >> in which we will this loss to be more manageable, to make individual claimants to bring individual suits, or to join them altogether? >> this will and who still works at wal-mart says there's no way they could have -- this woman who still works at wal-mart says there is no way they could have
5:26 pm
fought them individually. >> economically, we do not have the resources individually to take on wal-mart. >> but the retail giant says it is impossible to prove the women were all in the same circumstances, while they defend their treatment of employees. >> wal-mart has had strong policies against discrimination in place long before the lawsuit was filed. >> a lawsuit that businesses and workers everywhere are watching closely. >> the supreme court does not often find in favor of class action, but there are now three women on the court, which could change things. a decision is expected by some time late june. but still ahead, we will take a look at today's top stories, including a threat that forced quite a few local students out into the cold this morning. >> the polish festival has been cancelled. that story, coming up.
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>> you are watching wbal tv 11 news at 5:00 p.m. in hd with stan stovall, donna hamilton, your insta-weather + forecast with chief mid urologist tom tasselmyer. 11 news at -- meteorologist tom tasselmyer. 11 news at 5:00 p.m. and continues in hd. >> polka music has been the sound of the summer for decades. and why would the annual policzer festival be silenced this year. the celebrations are popular in baltimore and this is one of the most popular. >> but because of rising fees,
5:29 pm
organizers say they will have to mix this celebration, at least for this summer. >> this would have been the 38 polish festival here at patterson park, but it has been cancelled. the polish festival was a celebration of polish heritage. it food and music, it was a weekend celebration. but now, because of rising costs from the city, organizers say it is just too much. >> we started off paying around $2,400 per year for the festival and then last year it went up too close to $8,000. with the increase this year it would have been close to $16,000. we just cannot do it. >> it would have been held here in patterson park in june. the club president says it all gets down to money. >> the city wants to tax everything. before, we did not have to pay for garbage pickup and things like that.
5:30 pm
the city picked up most of the things like that. you have all kinds of taxes you have to pay now. it just does not pay to have it. >> for those who heard about the cancellation, they are disappointed. >> every year, the steroid looks forward to that. this community has a lot of polish people and i think it is terrible. >> i think it is a crime, i really do. >> i think it is wrong. that is what everybody comes down to baltimore for is the festival's. it is a shame. it >> organizers say in 2012 there will be another polish festival, but not in the city. >> whether it be timonium fair grounds or maybe dundock where the heritage festival is held right now, -- >> rob roblin, wbal 11 news.
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>> we have dozens of pictures from this. on our website at >> here is a look at top stories this hour. the shares office is looking into suspicious phone calls that forced five schools to evacuate this morning. they all receive the same call about potential bombs. officials say nothing was found. no incident. students were allowed back inside a short time later. staff sergeant james molichowski was laid to rest last -- yesterday. he will be buried at arlington national cemetery at a later date. he is survived by a wife and two sons. and the president of iran is warning the u.s. not to intervene any further in the situation in libya. president ahmadinejad was joined by the leaders from iraq,
5:32 pm
afghanistan and several other middle eastern countries to celebrate the persian new year over the weekend. ahmadinejad said allied forces would only be repeating mistakes without earlier military intervention. -- with earlier military intervention. >> maryland senator barbara mikulski is on an education tour of sorts. she is making stops throughout the state to hear concerns of parents and school leaders. tim tooten has the story. >> mikulski is in a position on capitol hill to have a difference when it comes to children and family issues. that is why she showed up in baltimore city to take notes. it was a typical school day for students at this elementary. while they were learning science upstairs, downstairs, senator barbara mikulski was holding a roundtable discussion with school staff, parents and community leaders.
5:33 pm
mikulski, who chairs the senate health, education and labor committee said she showed up in part to learn. >> i believe the best ideas coming from the grassroots. -- come from the grassroots. we ought to be sure to listen to the people. >> people like constance young, a great-grandmother and invited to join the roundtable discussion. >> we need our after-school programs and resources. our people cannot achieve without the support. >> the education act is more than 40 years old and in need of a and overhaul. senator barbara mikulski says she wants to make sure that the programs that are working remain in place. that is why she has made no of comments from the children's principle. >> they do not want to go home. they want to stay here from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 in the evening and if we can come up with something else, they will stay even longer.
5:34 pm
>> she has already planned trips across maryland for the summer. the >> she said she will take her ideas back to washington as she continues to fight for funding. money was on the minds of people who rallied today outside city hall. 50 people, including the mayor and members of city council, pledged to fight for city dollars. under a new budget proposal, baltimore city could still get more than $12 million, money it planned to cut. parents said they will keep pushing for progress. >> this is not the time to pull back. this is the time to investing great people all over the city making it the best public school system in the u.s. >> the baltimore education coalition, a local grassroots group, helped to organize today's rally. >> tim, thank you. speaking of money, state officials are considering major
5:35 pm
hike in toll fees. they could go up 27% by the end of next year with more possible increases expected in 2014 and in 2016. transportation authority officials said the hikes are needed to fund transportation projects. >> tonight, remembering political pioneer geraldine ferraro. >> and will baliles and be able to solve his marijuana charges -- willie nelson be able to solve is marijuana charges with a simple song? >> it is the latest shocker from abercrombie and fitch, padded tops for girls seven years old? the controversy and why experts say could be dangerous.
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>> a funeral mass for geraldine ferraro has been set for thursday morning in york city. -- new york city. president obama says her bid as the first female vice presidential nominee has a major -- of a major political party means his daughters will grow up in a more equal america.
5:39 pm
secretary of state. clinton, who also knows a bit about being a trailblazer, also remembers her fondly. >> she went to a political fight that is very difficult still -- a political height that it's very difficult skill and she navigated it with grace and grit. i think we owe her ala. i think about her every day. >> walter mondale was her running mate in 1984, but then lost to president reagan and then vice president george h. w. bush. >> willie nelson is charged with possessing marijuana. the prosecutor says he can resolve the charges if he agrees to plead guilty, pay a fine, and seeing a "blue eyes crying in the rain" for the court. the judge requested that you -- that he appear in person in
5:40 pm
court because she wants to meet him. >> abercrombie and fitch is a month -- is known for its racy ads for adults and some directed at young people, but they said may have gone too far by trying to sell push-ups' swimsuits to young girls. the tops are made for girls as young as seven years old. one professor says it is actually dangerous, apparently getting young girls to think about themselves in sexual ways way too soon. and they say, the heart goes even deeper. >> it sends out with the bad signals to adult men -- really bad signals to adult men as young girls being sexual objects of desire for men. >> abercrombie has sent -- has since removed the word " push up" from the tops on line, but they are all still there. >> social security recipients may have to wait a little bit longer before getting increases
5:41 pm
in payments. >> and why the next time you shop you may be told to buy more or pay with cash. >> according to environmental checks -- experts, the chesapeake bay may need to be put on a pollution diet. >> plenty of sunshine this afternoon, but it did not warm us up. details on the unseasonably cold forecast just ahead.
5:42 pm
>> here is a look at what we are working on for 11 news at 6:00 p.m. experts say radiation from the japan does -- disaster has reached maryland. trace amounts detected in our rain water, but should you be concerned? and britney garcia is seeking a new plea deal after allegedly setting a house on fire with her boyfriend and another woman in sight. we will have details on what the new deal could be for her.
5:43 pm
these stories and much more at 6:00 p
5:44 pm
>> according to the epa, the chesapeake bay's health has gotten so bad it needs to go on the pollution diet. as researchers work their way to annapolis, senator bettincourt and brought the results of a report that says cutting back -- senator ben cardin brought the results of the report that says cutting back on fertilizer is the recipe. >> in order to thin out its waistline, or should we say, shoreline, the epa says that they need to go on a diet. -- the bay needs to go on a diet. what does it need to cut out?
5:45 pm
a great start would be fertilizer. >> we find that things like lawns are part of the problem, but in reality they need to be part of the solution. >> almost half a million acres are occupied by turf grass and 86% are in the backyards and front lawns. the report says that when we fertilize our lines, a lot of it is running into the bay. >> there are ways to have healthy and sustainable lines so we do not have to be putting fertilizer on there. >> properly applied fertilizer does not run off. >> the maryland association of green industries which officialss lawn care i around the state says it is safe when applied correctly. >> if you get it on hard surfaces or driveways, yes, that runs off. but it gets absorbed by the
5:46 pm
grass and does not run off. >> lawmakers are debating several bills with the surprise agreement by analysts and the turf industry that would change how it is applied and what is in it. senator ben cardin said the new state laws would hold everyone responsible. >> there is a role for the private sector. we thank all of the private groups involved, but each home owner can do a more effective job in helping us clean up the bay. >> to take a closer look, go to our website in baltimore, i'm loh melzer. >> and now the forecast with john collins. >> look at this saturday -- a satellite radar combination with a wide view. we had a time of some clouds here this morning, a few sprinkles to our south. but it was more veinous than a hit. and some sunshine has come in --
5:47 pm
it was more of a mix that head. and some sunshine has come in late in the day. today, 48 was the high at the airport. the inner harbor, 49. 58 is the typical high. morning lows were just at or below freezing. the inner harbor and downtown, 48, 47. paxil, 45. 46 in columbia. -- sykesville, 45. 46 in columbia. wet weather is out over the atlantic ocean. here's the high-pressure region from the carolinas way back into the great lakes and up into canada. we have all of this cold air pushing in and it is just stuck here. the storm's coming in from the west run into this high and there's no place to go. it tends to be pushed to the south of little bit. a couple of these disturbances
5:48 pm
have been concentrated more in the carolinas, southern virginia and georgia. but there are more out there. they will try to break through this high-pressure by the middle and end of the week and, to some degree, have some success. a drive forecast for the next 36 hours. the wins will lighten up. 23 to 29 is the overnight low. tomorrow, still unseasonably chilly. the high will be about 50. northwest winds at 10 to 15. sunset is almost 7:30 p.m. it will be nice to have some warmer weather to enjoy the extra sunlight with. wednesday on our futurecast, we begin to see some clouds of to our west coming in by early wednesday morning. that is the next weather system coming in. the futurecast shows the actual weight false starts wednesday afternoon.
5:49 pm
that is what we could see some drizzle before that. as temperatures cool wednesday night and into thursday morning in the overnight hours, some snow could be mixed in with the rain. temperatures in baltimore and just to our north get near freezing and that there could be some snow mixed in. another storm comes our way on friday. do not be put off by these snowflakes. it will not be an all-day thing. i do not even think it will be measurable, but it is part of the forecast. tomorrow, 50's and a lot of sunshine. but rain in the forecast wednesday and friday may be the wettest day. saturday, low to mid 30's. over the weekend, even though we will see some sunshine, it will be blustery. by monday, may be near 60 degrees.
5:50 pm
>> our friends on the eastern shore certainly had something to show yesterday. we want to thank a ulocal member for this photo from ocean city where we are told they got about half an inch of snow. alert,onight's consumer some bad news for 45 million americans who receive social security payments. rising medicaid premiums could lead you -- leave you without a cost-of-living increase for the third year. it is also projecting that this increase will completely be absorbed by a rise in medicare premiums. by law, medicare premiums are deducted from social security payments. consumer spending was up in february, but that is not a good thing. many consumers are not happy about what they are spending more on. >> consumers had cash registers ringing in february.
5:51 pm
the spending was up nearly three-quarters of a percentage point. that is partly due to a cut in it so security tax. but much of the income is being gobbled up at the gas pump. >> right now, $50, $10 extra from the last time i filled it out. >> i just shake my head because i know that is where all my money goes, pretty much. >> and retailers are it, indeed, missing out on money spent at the pump. other retailers other than grocery stores, though, because food prices are also starting to hit on higher at -- higher transportation costs. but as much grumbling as there is over gas, there is also grumbling in the workplace. >> 36% of employees told us that if it was up to them they would rather be working at another company within 12 months. >> a survey on trends and
5:52 pm
employee benefits found widespread unhappiness in the workplace and the reasons why were discovered by another study by the american psychological association. >> low pay, lack of advancement, to heavy workload and not feeling appreciated at work. >> causing dramatic consequences for employers. >> we see a dramatic flight risk that many employers will be facing in the next couple of years. >> chris clackum, nbc news. if cracks walk into some stores and you may see a note on the cash register you cannot -- saying that you cannot pay with a credit card unless you spend a minimal amount of money. it was actually a violation of agreements between credit card processing companies, but now it is okay. many are allowed to do a $10
5:53 pm
minimum. and vacationers find it easier to use credit cards when they travel overseas, but new advances made make it difficult. many merchants have gone to using the chip, which means the car with the magnetic strip will not be any good. >> they moved towards this because they believe it is more secure, and in a lot of ways it is more secure. >> travelers can always stick to places where cards are accepted, but that could mean extra fees. most credit card companies charge 2% to 4% per transaction. know your travel plans and keep cash on hand. >> we are in washington with the late breaking details on libya. and radiation has been detected in maryland's rainwater. experts explain how it got here
5:54 pm
all the way from japan and whether there is any cause for concern. >> is a special movie-inspired ice skating show in columbia this weekend.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
>> figure skaters in colombia have been doing very hard work for the past couple of months. it is a nice program based on some big movies. >> students in the columbia
5:57 pm
figure skating club are practicing for their big performance. this weekend, they present movie adventures on ice. >> we decided to do all of the movies of the past and in the big ticket sellers, which would be avatar and princess from last season. >> i like you -- that you can be creative. >> as a skater, it helps to express ourselves and it really helps to skate with a group. >> but practicing with the show does not help just on the ice, but also outside of the reinke. >> when you go to school and have to give a presentation, these children have no problem because they have to present all the time. when you learn to skate you have to present every day, not just show day. >> i like how nice everybody is
5:58 pm
and everybody gets along. i liked that part. >> everybody is welcome to see these talented young skaters to perform at the columbia ice rink in an artistic ice performance. >> he will never see so many in the same big show. >> for ticket information you can visit our website but it's very colorful costumes. that is all at 5:00 p.m. -- >> very colorful costumes. that is all at 5:00 p.m. >> all the way from japan, radiation makes it all the way to baltimore. >> the president addresses the nation on libya. we will have a preview of the speech ahead. >> plus, a teenager is dead after a double shooting in northeast baltimore. what police are doing to curb future violence, next. >> live, local, late breaking,
5:59 pm
this is wbal tv 11 news at 6:00 p.m. >> good evening, everyone. our big story tonight at 6:00 p.m., traces of radioactive material from japan are found in maryland. >> officials say it is in the rain water, but what does that mean for you? lisa has the details. the >> state officials say it means there is no need to panic. what they are seeing is not unusual and they are on top of it. >> it is far, far less than when he would be experiencing in an x-ray, for example. >> state officials say there is no cause for alarm about very small amounts of radioactive material being detected in the baltimore area. because two nuclear facilities are located near maryland, the state routinely tests for radioactive materials. >> friday, we did test for a small amount


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